How many baby teeth does a child have?
Children have 20 baby teeth!

Are baby teeth important?
Yes they are! Baby teeth are important for eating, speech and for smiling! When the 1st set of teeth are well cared for, your child is likely to have a healthy set of adult teeth for life!

What is the most common dental problem in children?
Almost 50% of preschoolers in Singapore have dental cavities!

Dental cavities are a result of dental plaque bacteria using sugars in the mouth to produce acids. These acids weaken the outer enamel causing the formation of cavities.

Prevent cavities by:
1. Healthy eating – A balanced diet, avoiding foods with added sugars (e.g. juices, flavoured milk)
2. Brushing regularly – Brush at least twice a day to remove plaque bacteria
3. Regular dental visits – We can detect dental problems early & reverse early decay!

My child makes loud grinding sounds with his teeth at night. Should I be concerned?  
About 1 in 5 children demonstrate tooth grinding (dental bruxism) while asleep. Parents are often worried the repetitive grinding may damage their teeth. While some flattening of the baby teeth may be observed, it rarely causes discomfort or sensitivity. 

Grinding may be observed when children are unwell or teething. Some correlation to stress and anxiety exists. In most cases, the grinding stops naturally with age, as the transition to adult teeth is complete. 

Speak to us if your child
– Complains of headaches, jaw soreness or tooth sensitivity
– Has disturbed or poor quality of sleep
– Sleeps with lips apart (open mouth breathing) or snoring. These may be signs of sleep disordered breathing — a spectrum of breathing disorders where the airway is blocked during sleep. This can affect oxygen levels in the body.

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