How to clean your newborn’s tongue

Our little babies are the cutest little things that we just love to cuddle and kiss!! But did you know that babies can get bad breath too?

Babies have multiple milk feeds everyday which can cause a rather intense white coating to develop on their tongue ie. “milk tongue”. Daily routine cleaning helps keeps their breath fresh and very kissable!! ( Scroll to the bottom for the video guide )

How often should I clean my baby’s mouth?
You can do it after every feed or at least twice a day, once in the morning and at night. This also helps your baby get used to a good oral hygiene routine — the earlier you start, the better.

What should I use?
A clean, damp muslin washcloth wrapped around a clean finger will do the trick. Use cooled boiled water to dampen the cloth. Oral wipes sold for infants can be used as an alternative.
Note to parents: Once teeth come in, it is time to graduate to a baby toothbrush

How should I do it?
(a) Position – Support your baby’s head and neck well. You can cradle him in your arms or let him lie across your lap. Find a comfortable position that works for both of you.
(b) Wiping – Rub over the gums gently and a couple of times back and forth over the tongue. It is normal for babies to “gum” down on your finger. Don’t worry – your baby is not trying to bite you! This is a normal infant bite reflex that occurs in the first few months.
(c) Make it fun – Sing a song or talk to your baby – be animated! Babies love it!

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